Bigfoot Products

Bigfoot Research Equipment

View a live image streamed from the drone up to a half mile away on the free DJI Go app using your mobile phone or tablet

DJI Quadcopter Drone

Pocket sized Thermal Imaging Camera- Easy use..

Flir-Thermal Monocular

Digital Night Vision Video Camcorder - HD Digital Camera

Night Vision Camcorder

4 GB internal flash memory- Intelligent noise cut-USB cable to transfer files to mac or pc  Digital Voice Recorder

Night vision game trail cam- waterproof -Built in 2"LCD screen with time lapse

Infrared Night Vision Trail Cam

Handheld GPS, 3-axis Compass, Load a Variety of Maps,  Better Resolution and Memory

Long sound range- Good sound quality

Handheld Walkie Talkie

Reaches up to 920 Lumens ; Up to 7 hrs of runtime; Charges with included AC and DC charging adaptors

Powerful Stanley Rechargeable Spotlight

Plaster of paris; 8 LB tub; Sets in 20-30 minutes

Plaster of Paris -8lbs

Bigfoot Novelty Items

A great novelty item of a bigfoot tree knocker and comes with a hunting guide..Kids love them!

Bigfoot Tree Knocker

Bigfoot outdoor research novelty kit

Bigfoot Research Kit

One single Bigfoot footprint. .

Bigfoot Footprint

12" Metal Bigfoot Crossing Sign..

Bigfoot Crossing Sign

16 oz Bigfoot beer drinking glasses- set of two

 Bigfoot Beer Dinking Glasses

Bigfoot Trackers Mug

Tracking Bigfoot Coffee Mug

Bigfoot for president coffee Cup..

Bigfoot for President Coffee Mug

A cool Wendigo Coffee Cup..

Wendigo Coffee Mug

Definition of Squatch Coffee Cup.. 15 oz Lg Coffee Mug

Squatch Coffee Cup

A collectible bobblehead stands at over 8” tall

 Bigfoot Bobblehead 

Hilarious Sasquatch Vs Gnome; 9" tall

Bigfoot and Gnome 

Bigfoot hair Novelty

Bigfoot Hair

Bigfoot DVDs

Four investigators expand their search in North America and beyond to investigate the mysterious phenomenon known as "Bigfoot".

Finding Bigfoot Season 4

this documentary look at the Bigfoot phenomenon in the late 1950's through the mid 1990's

A&E Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot

Legend Hunters investigate the well known Bigfoot.

Legend Hunters - Bigfoot

When the bigfoot legend goes against science..

Sasquatch: Legend meets Science

Chasing Bigfoot looks at the Bigfoot legend through the eyes of the true believers..

Chasing Bigfoot-The Quest for the Truth

Cliff and Craig is on a quest in finding proof of the elusive North American Ape known as Bigfoot

Bigfoot Road Trip

A film about four old-men who have been searching for the bigfoot creature for 40 years.

Sasquatch Odyssey

A documentary that explores the legends and tells of hairy monsters that roams the south..

Southern Fried Bigfoot

Compiled data, photos and video of bigfoot homes, shelters and blinds..

Bigfoot Shelters and Nests

The search for the South Mountains bigfoot..

Finding Knobby 

2016 International Bigfoot Conference held in Kennewick, WA

International Bigfoot Conference

Explored and detailed evidence that has been collected by investigators will be talked about at this east coast conference..

East Coast Bigfoot Conference

13 episodes of monsterquest season 1

Monsterquest season 1

Contains 20 original episodes

Monsterquest Season 2

Discover the truth behind the world s most persistent and compelling monster stories

Monsterquest Season 3

Citizens questions the existence of a bigfoot type creature that lives in a swamp outside of Fouke Arkansas in this classic film

                     The Legend of Boggy Creek

Two students tracking in the Louisiana backwoods in search of a mysterious, legendary Creature

Creature from Black Lake

A small town in Colorado is terrorized by a mysterious predator who haunts their mountain

Snow Beast