Is Bigfoot Real





Is the phenomenon that we call “Bigfoot,” REAL? This is one of the touchiest subjects among both the general public AND Bigfoot enthusiasts alike. There are many different arguments for both sides, so here we will delve into both sides – and play devil’s advocate – as to why many think Bigfoot is NOT real, and why many of us believe that this ​incredibly fascinating​ species IS real.


Why critics believe Bigfoot IS NOT real
There are many arguments upon other arguments that seem to prove that “Bigfoot,” the species and/or the phenomena, are NOT real. Why is this? Well, there are a few proclamations that seem to stand the test of time.


1. The Bigfoot (species) doesn’t seem to fit into our typical food chain:

If the Bigfoot specimen weighs between 500 and 600 lbs, the question remains how it could possibly survive in the woods, while also eating from nature. Some people stand by the fact that the impact on the food chain as we know it would be drastic enough, that it would have to provide evidence of it’s eating routine. One Bigfoot would need to obtain over 5,000 calories a day, likely in meat, and most scientists cannot understand where this nutritional intake would come from.

2. Breeding is unlikely, and it is too big to go unnoticed:

In order for the species to continue on through time, there need to be tens of thousands at any one time, in order for them to breed and continue their part in the evolution of life. Along with that, there is also the simple fact that such an enormous creature would be hard to go unnoticed by human beings, over so many years.

3. Photographic and video evidence is minimal:

Unfortunately for Bigfoot enthusiasts, the evidence that proves a Bigfoot existence is always far from being what we would call today, “high definition,” and of true video or photographic quality. Also, there were not many Bigfoot sightings, at least published, that came much before the 1950’s. Eyewitness reports only go so far nowadays, and sadly, that is normally what is being reported. However, back before the 1950’s, there wasn’t much of a way to broadcast such sightings, was there?



Why Bigfoot Enthusiasts and Researchers believe Bigfoot IS real
There is, however, a small part of society that KNOWS that Bigfoot is a very REAL species, one that has been on our planet and continues to inhabit it – regardless of who believes they actually exist. These beliefs are based on sightings, audible evidence, exploration-type findings, and other encounters that cannot be proven otherwise by those who actually experienced them.



Let’s talk about those who have experienced a Bigfoot. Whether by accident, by searching for them, or the more extreme cases – like Bigfoot creatures completely disrupting their home lives – which led to further investigation. This small part of buying modafinil online, based on specific events that occurred to them, personally.

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1. Because Bigfoot IS POSSIBLE:

A large primate of this type is possible to exist. Think of how almost 95% of the ocean still remains unexplored – that leaves a LOT of room for creatures to exist that we simply had no idea existed before.

It could also be possible that Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is one of the true indigenous species of planet Earth. A “missing link” can be summarized as the phrase used to describe something that bridges the evolutionary split between primates. Maybe the Bigfoot species was indigenous to earth, and their DNA was combined with another, to create humans. This would be an interesting explanation for rh-negative blood types in some humans around the world.

2. Personal Encounters:


There is a small group of the population that KNOW Bigfoot is real, because they have experienced it first hand. Whether you walk into the woods and expect to find a Bigfoot…whether you are a young student, a police officer, or simply a father of 3 out for a bike ride…people from all walks of life have witnessed or encountered a Bigfoot. One man in Utah claims to have found a fossilized skull similar to what Bigfoot looks like, weighing around 75 lbs. Others have plastered and saved humongous footprints, that still have yet to be scientifically determined to be of any species on Earth. People have found unique tree structures and other habitat-related items that point toward the existence of modafinil drug. There are also many people with artifacts, such as pieces of hair or bones/parts of a skeleton. Unfortunately the bones found thus far have been unable to be tested forensically.

D N A  R E L A T E D

Regarding the artifacts, another person even managed to obtain a blood sample. The genetic analysis showed that although it didn’t match DNA for any known primates, it did resemble a mixture of human and ape-like DNA. In another account, a group of men saw a hairy ape-like figure around seven feet tall, then found a clump of hair. After being sent for testing, it was confirmed it was in fact primate hair, however it couldn’t be matched to any species on the planet.


The amount of encounters reported are endless, but what is the most fascinating is the amazing parallels between experiences. For example, there are multiple reports of Bigfoot sightings where they vanish into thin air, seeming to disappear like a foggy mist. How could multiple people have the same experience without knowing of one another?

In 1847, artist Paul Kane claimed that an area near Mount St. Helens, (60 miles from where the word Sasquatch originated), was ​“inhabited by a race of beings of a different species, who are cannibals.” Evidence supports the idea that Neanderthals consumed their dead, instead of burying them. Could this area actually be inhabited by Bigfoots?

In many other accounts, a large being of about 7 feet tall is observed with black, grey or reddish brown hair. These accounts go on to say they observed a bright, globular object of light, and some even claim the beings had “luminescent, green eyes.” Tons of accounts claim they have no neck, and sometimes even disappear into this bright light they see. How can all of these observable accounts have such similar experiences?

Other more extreme cases are even more intriguing, as Bigfoot has been said to even disrupt people’s everyday and personal lives unprovoked. There a few stories of Bigfoot terrorizing homes and families –
wreaking havoc on private properties by killing livestock, or even pets. These people also tell tales of seeing Bigfoot peeking into their windows or banging on their house. Though this is an extreme set of cases, if you were one of these people who witnessed such an event, you would have no choice but to believe it to be true.

3. Unexplained Capabilities Unique From Any Species on the Plane

You can follow the links below to read other articles we have written on the supernatural phenomena some people have experienced when in the presence of a Bigfoot, including the use of infrasound, generating their own eyeshine, and even telepathic abilities.




IN SUMMARY… Sure, it may be harder to prove that the Bigfoot species exists, than it is to write them off as fable, myth or folklore. But, this is because, they may actually be much more than just flesh and blood creatures.

See, to prove the existence of mammals, sea life, or other earthbound creatures, we are able to use what we know best: science, math, and biological chemistry. However, if the Bigfoot species was in fact, much MORE than just a simple primate that lives upon Earth as we all do, herein we see the conflict of being able to characterize them as a living being.

Think about the anomaly of the rhesus-negative blood type; we have yet to figure out exactly where this came from, yet, these people with Rh-negative blood are still considered humans, are they not? Just because something cannot be explained, does not deem it unlikely to exist.

Bigfoot can be categorized in the group of cryptozoology, or the study of “hidden” animals. ​It also can be defined as the study of animals whose “existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated.”
Cryptozoology can also be technically defined as: the pseudoscience that “​aims to prove the existence of entities from the folklore record.”

However, this science also includes the study of animals considered to be extinct, but were once PROVEN to be alive.

The fact that Bigfoot type creatures are placed into this category, also deems them eligible for being a species that is hidden, did exist without substantial evidence, or are extinct but were once proven to be alive.