Do Bigfoot Produce Its own Eyeshine?

Bigfoot eyeshine

Over the century, thousands of Bigfoot researchers, hunters, and eyewitnesses have reported seeing what they describe as “glowing eyes.” Very little is known about this theory and subject,but this “eyeshine” has become parallel with anyone who has a Bigfoot sighting. Typically, witnesses claim the eyes seem to glow a red color, but green, amber, blue, and even a fascinating combinations of colors has been reported. Though it has been suggested by countless researchers and hunters, (and sometimes even being claimed to have been captured in photos and on video), is it really possible?

Can these phenomenal creatures create their own luminescent eye shine?

Eye shine is a very real and mysterious glow that occurs in low light, (such as at night), found in many types of animals. The membrane in the eye, called the “tapetum lucidum,” reflects light into the eye which gives them capability to see better in the dark. Some animals that have this membrane, which can be proven in those instances of trying to take a photo of a pet and seeing a green glow. However, most mammals do not have this, namely humans and gorillas. The only mammal exception are some primates, such as the Australian Bushbaby and its related family tree, who does produce this eye shine.

Having the tapetum lucidum membrane would obviously be an evolutionary benefit to any nocturnal animal, and thus Bigfoot is included in this list as an assumed nocturnal being.

It is relevant, then, that most Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers believe that Bigfoots are genetically more similar to large primates, (like humans and gorillas). Could it be that whatever their origin, even being closest to the larger primates, share this capability with the small primates, (like the Bushbaby)?

How then, would this physical anomaly find its way into Bigfoot’s genetics?

What if there is no “absolute” scientific theory to debunk…and they actually are one of a kind?

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