Sharing the mountain is a true story about a family terrorizing experience with bigfoot after moving to the Appalachian mountains. Enter Here

A family continuation of being terrorized by a bigfoot on their family farm. Will this family ever find peace living on their farm in the appalachian mountains? Enter Here

This book starts with the third year living on the farm with the creatures still hanging around..Enter Here

Researching a strong conection between bigfoot and the native american community. Enter Here

A famliy living on a 100 acre wooded ranch in central texas keep having reoccurring bigfoot encounters. Book based on actual events. Emter Here

A continuation from the first year events. The family finally accept the creatures as neighbors. Enter Here

This book looks at Bigfoot habituation sites in Iowa, North Carolina, New York, Texas and Oklahoma. Enter Here

Autumn Williams takes a look at the relationship between an old swamp guy and a bigfoot. Enter Here

This book covers everything from different terms for bigfoot to historical sightings. This is a book for your bigfoot library..Enter Here

Bigfoots are the Locals AND they do exist! This book delves into such questions as why bigfoots exist, why they behave as they do, and why they have not yet been, and may never be dragged into the spotlight of science and the media. Enter Here

Four Upstate New York researchers have compiled a book of Bigfoot sightings primarily in the Adirondacks. Witnesses include police officers, farmers, business people ect.. Enter Here

Heavily researched and documented bigfoot reports in New York and the New England states.. Enter Here

Pam and Dave Gibson rented a small cabin while building their mountain home. They didn’t realized until later that sasquatches were living amongst them. One even developed a special fondness for pam. This book is based on true events. Enter Here

An one man’s understanding about these creatures while learning about his own surroundings..Enter Here

David Paulides present facts on the bigfoot mystery. Read incredible bigfoot encounters to seeing drawings from police sketch artist of “what witnesses saw”. Enter Here

A personal account of one man’s experiences with a Bigfoot named Kong while living in a cabin during the time he and his wife are taking time away from each other to reflect on their marriage.. Enter Here

This book looks at the 50 most common stick structures in North America. Enter Here

This thorough encyclopedia of the Bigfoot legend offers hundreds of alphabetically arranged entries on all things Bigfoot, including specific legends from different locations, sightings stories ect.. Enter Here

A look at bigfoot reports, sightings and first hand accounts from each and every county of the bluegrass state.. Enter Here

Tal H. Branco shares years of breathtaking encounters in Alabama between witnesses and the primate known as “Bigfoot.” Enter Here

Jeffery Wells explores the mystery of Bigfoot in Georgia from the earliest Native American legends through the latest Bigfoot hoax..Enter Here

An impressive collection of first accounts in the pacific northwest, british columbia and alaska..Enter Here

A Native American tells her horrifying story of growing up around the Kecleh-Kudleh. Enter Here

Book 2 of growing up around the Kecleh-Kudleh. Enter Here

A chilling true story that a residential family had creatures hanging around their property..Enter Here

The Nightmare continues as this family keep facing growing threats each day by these terrifying creatures..(volume 2) Enter Here

The family is now dealing with other terrifying incidents along with heartbreaking tragedy.. Unable to escape, the family copes with having to live in a doomed situation..Did something evil get into their house? Enter Here