What is Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is a global, mystery-shrouded entity heavily discussed as a phenomenon sighted often throughout time. Yet, we still have no captures, proof, or answers as to what exactly a Bigfoot is. There is an incredible amount of eyewitness accounts, and even continued research by enthusiasts worldwide.

Bigfoot is also known as “Sasquatch,” which is an anglicized name, deriving from the Halkomelem language. The Halkomelem language is native to many Canadian indigenous peoples, or First Nations aboriginals in British Columbia, in the region closest to northern Washington state.

In short, Bigfoot is described as a large, hairy bipedal humanoid that stands upright and walks on two legs. The question is: with so many accounts, dedicated research groups and even hunters, how is it that we do not yet know for sure what this creature is. Here we will discuss a few of the many theories that have evolved.

Some theories summarize what most people can conceive in this physical realm, that Bigfoot is in fact a living, physical being. According to some, these are supported with evolution and some reports from people claiming to have found physical evidence.

Is Bigfoot a form of PRIMATE?

Some researchers believe Bigfoot is a primitive human species that lives alongside humans and is so intelligent, it has learned to camouflage and hide itself easily.

As for physical evidence, one man in Utah claims to have found fossilized skull similar to what Bigfoot may look like, that weighed about 75lbs. In another case, someone managed to obtain a blood sample, and genetic analysis showed it did not match the DNA patterns for any known primates, but resembled a mixture of human and ape DNA. In another account, a group of men saw a hairy ape-like figure around seven feet tall, then found a clump of hair. After being sent for testing, it was confirmed it was in fact primate hair, however it couldn’t be matched to any species on the planet.

Bigfoot sightings seem to occur most where it is presumed the species would reside, in heavily forested areas. Unfortunately, it is important to note that these types of areas do not produce many fossils, if any.

Another physical theory: Gigantopithecus Blacki.

Gigantopithecus Blacki, the giant cousin of the orangutan, is a primitive Asian ape and was presumed to be extinct. They were the largest primates to walk the earth, being approximately 9 feet tall and weighing more than 1000 pounds.

One theory is that Bigfoot is the surviving relative of this species, and believers of this idea say that since the Gigantos had such a large brain, they dispersed all over the world. They then endured thousands of years of learning to adapt to different climates and terrains, which enabled them to survive until modern day. Other skills they picked up included defense mechanisms and evasion tactics, even night vision and powerful vocal abilities to interact with their own kind. These powerful howls can be heard miles away, in the late hours which allowed them to avoid the danger of human contact.

A few questions are raised with this hypothesis of linkage, one being that it is still uncertain that the Gigantos walked upright, killing this theory completely. However, some anthropologists believe the fossils found of the Gigantopithecus indicate an ape that did in fact, walk upright, so this theory does hold some weight.

Could Bigfoot be a PREHISTORIC species of its own…?

Another speculative theory is that these creatures are actually the prehistoric species, (and human rivals), we call the Neanderthals. It is widely believed Neanderthals and humans battled at one time; eventually the Neanderthals broke off, and went into the woods to live. This would have happened over 35,000 years ago, and humans grew to become civilized while they adapted to live in hiding, in the forests.

Neanderthals also had large orbital eye sockets, which leads to the idea they were nocturnal. A lot of Bigfoot accounts are at night, along with the known suggestion they too, were nocturnal. They had huge brains, and this high level of intelligence would be absolutely necessary to avoid detection.

If this theory is correct, the question remains as to why they are so hard to find today, or why we have not ever discovered their remains or bones.

Though it is believed the Neanderthals buried their dead, the fact that evidence supports Neanderthals were also cannibals means they may have consumed the bodies of the dead. By doing this, they not only feed themselves but also dispose of the bodies we search for to prove they still exist. More interestingly, as late as 1847, artist Paul Kane claimed an area near Mount St. Helens, (a mere 60 miles from the area in British Columbia where the word Sasquatch originated), was “inhabited by a race of beings of a different species, who are cannibals” and should be feared.

Could Bigfoot possibly be “The Missing Link?”

Is it possible that Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is the true indigenous species of planet Earth? The “missing link” can be summarized as the phrase used to describe something that bridges the evolutionary split between primates. The historical science of evolution contains MANY missing links, however one of the most crucial is within our DNA. It could be possible that the Bigfoot species was indigenous to earth, and their DNA was combined with another, to create humans. Could this be the reason for the rh-negative blood types in some humans?

This leads to an infinitely intriguing set of ideas, those not of this physical plane on Earth. Was Bigfoot bred with something of otherworldly origin, to create humans? There are multiple, fascinating theories revolving around extraterrestrials we will discuss next.

Is Bigfoot what we call “THE NEPHILIM:” Offspring of extraterrestrial and human interbreeding?

Known as “the giants,” these beings are intricately woven into various texts within religions throughout history. They are especially chronicled in-depth within the “Book of Enoch,” an Ethiopian biblical text. The Nephilim are said to be the offspring of human women and the “Sons of God,” or the “Fallen Angels” as they are sometimes referred to. There are even some who believe Neanderthals were the product of the same scenario.

There is an extremely interesting conundrum that continues to baffle the scientific community: the Rh-Negative factor. The Rhesus Negative, or negative, blood types do not contain any traces of DNA from the rhesus monkey, contradicting the idea that humans evolved from apes.

Where exactly did this blood type come from? Is it possible that an extraterrestrial species from another location, is the reason for this phenomenon and resulted in the Bigfoot species of giants?

Bigfoot of EXTRATERRESTRIAL origin?

This theory is derived from a ton of evidence related to Bigfoot accounts at the same time as or right after UFO sightings. Though not all UFO reports involve Bigfoot, but a lot of the Bigfoot sightings sometimes involve a UFO. Typically, these solid cases all seem to tell the same story.

A large being of about 7 feet tall is observed with black, grey or even reddish-brown hair. Before, during or after, a bright, globular object of light is spotted. Some even claim the beings had “luminescent, green eyes,” no neck, and sometimes even disappear into this bright light they see.

One researcher believes Bigfoot are originally from Pi-Sagittarii, a star cluster in the constellation of Sagittarius. There is also a NASA image in recent years showing a Yeti-like skull on Mars. Some say it looks more like a helmet or head of statue from ancient civilizations, however the fact there may have been life on Mars at any point is enough to suggest the idea of Bigfoot being an extraterrestrial species is possible.

Maybe the Sasquatch is an extraterrestrial, brought to Earth to gather samples and return to its home? Or, perhaps they are the actual UFO pilots, landing to explore and observe.

It could also be conceivable they are left behind as guinea pigs in an experiment to test our environment for future survival of other galactic races. Additionally, Bigfoot may be a form of criminal exiled here on Earth as a method of deportation; cosmic exile, to what can arguably be considered one of the most physically difficult realities to live in as a free soul: three-dimensional Planet Earth.

Is Bigfoot a Shapeshifter?

An even more set of Bigfoot theories are also out there. Some people believe that this creature is a shapeshifter, and able to take on multiple forms. One account in Michigan is about a man in Michigan that had a personal interaction with a Bigfoot, and his claims are exceptionally fascinating. Anthony Padilla claimed it looked like the typical appearance of the Bigfoot we are familiar with, then suddenly became blurry like a cloud of mist or spirit. Antlers began to appear, it moved “like a ninja,” and the creature “gave him a view” of two hooves and a white deer tail running away to “make him forget what he saw.” He even went further to say the Bigfoot “checked him,” in a process called absorption, to see if he could trust him, and once he knew he couldn’t, he shapeshifted. What is even more interesting, Anthony Padilla’s home is above an ancient Indian burial ground, which he thinks is related to their presence there.

Native American legends are often cited when it comes to Bigfoot theories, usually mixing ideas from both the physical world and the spiritual world. Shapeshifting directly correlates with the Navajo “Skinwalker” legend, the belief that a medicine man or witch attained the highest level of priesthood, but chose to use their power for evil. These people do this by taking the form of an animal to inflict pain and suffering on others.

Shapeshifting would help explain why they are never caught or found, like the many people who swear they saw a Bigfoot creature that suddenly turned into a rock or tree stump once they realized they had been seen.

How about Bigfoot being Interdimensional?

Some Bigfoot and paranormal researchers believe that the creature holds the power of traveling between dimensions, and quite possibly the form we see them as, is not their true form.

Due to an incredible number of similarities between paranormal experiences, (ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, etc.), it may be possible that the Bigfoot species is interdimensional. Some of these similarities include very fast-moving objects, strange bright lights, disappearing beings, and the infamous orange orbs. The phenomena of these orange orbs have started to be reported in nearly every state, even heavier in areas where there are many Bigfoot sightings.

Could these orange beams be transporter beams, and Bigfoot utilizes them as multidimensional or magnetic portals? Of course, this could explain why no bodies of Sasquatch are ever found. Also, there are so many reports of footprints found that eventually seem to just, end. This is one of the few theories that could begin to explain how that is possible.

There’s also an ability they’re rumored to possess they can generate a strange tone that opens a portal to another dimension or location…maybe even their home world. It is said the same type of technology was equipped on the UFO that crashed in Roswell. The pilot was said to be fitted with headgear that enabled him to “think” himself to a destination, mentally visualizing where they wanted to go.

There is a very strong account of this similar situation upon viewing a Bigfoot creature. An entire team of researchers noticed a bright portal or doorway open in the darkness, and a large bipedal humanoid “crawled out before quickly vanishing.” It was in that same location that recently, several animals were mutilated or simply disappeared. A separate account reports a man saw a similar creature seemingly walk into “an invisible wall of some kind,” and intuitively this man felt it was a portal, the only other explanation being that it was suddenly capable of invisible camouflage.

In the same spirit of the ancient Indian ground possibly lending to Anthony Padilla’s occurrence, could it also be possible the actual land that sightings are witnessed on, have a strong energy deep beneath? This has been proven in locations with various natural elements below, such as where there is a lot of quartz crystal deep beneath the surface. Quartz, for example, is used to power watches and computers; even metaphysical healing properties have been proven with the use of multiple types of gemstones and natural crystals.

These elements, along with activity from the plates in the Earth, can be linked to high energy releases from the planet. Maybe it is possible that other activity beneath the surface could result in a release of that energy so great, it opens up a time-traveling hole? Furthermore, if this is tangible, it could even be possible that the Bigfoot species are from an earlier history, but when these energies are released and time portals open up…are we actually seeing back into time, through a time window?

Just as with the question of shapeshifting and interdimensional travel, we could even consider the Bigfoot to be a completely intangible entity, like a spiritual being.

Is Bigfoot a Spiritual Being?

Bigfoot being a spiritual being, or supernatural energy, is yet another possibility to the explanation of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. For example, there are such things as “Elementals.” Elementals are spirit entities, falling under one of the four element categories: earth, water, fire, and air. If that is the case with Bigfoot, this type of creature would be considered an earth spirit, focused on the nature of the forest.

Many people believe that elementals are actually the most primitive and ancient of the spirit world, having been here at the inception of time and then intertwined with the physical world.

Going back to Native American culture, their elders think of Sasquatch as being on the border of animal level consciousness and human level consciousness, giving them a very specific set of unique powers. Unlike western culture, the Native Americans think of animals as their “elder teachers.” They assist humans, as opposed to the Western regard of animals being inferior to the human race. Therefore, Bigfoot is considered a “big brother,” sort of like the spirit boss of the woods. He would be more of spirit nature as opposed to having physical form, protecting nature from human interference and damage.

There are multiple reports of Bigfoot sightings where they vanish into thin air, exactly as you would imagine a spirit does. There are reports of it going a step further, the body of the creature literally dematerializing or fading away slowly in front of the naked eye. It is possible that this creature could be from another dimension, at times observing our world in spirit form, and disappearing just as easily.

The Bigfoot species being of a spiritual nature explains a lot. Obviously, there has never been a finding of a living or dead Bigfoot specimen. If there are thousands, if not millions, of Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts dedicated to hunting and tracking the beings…it seems impossible that there has yet to be one physical piece of evidence to explain their nature or origin.

Or, finally…is Bigfoot just a figment of imagination?

Of course, most scientists throughout time have discounted the existence of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, and consider it to be a combination of misidentification, myths, folklore, and hoax rather than an actual living humanoid. This is obviously due to the lack of physical evidence after hundreds of years of investigation, never mind the large numbers of these creatures that would be necessary to maintain a population through breeding. (This is assuming this being is in fact, a physical humanoid or animal entity, otherwise breeding may not be necessary).

There are always new reports of sightings, that help to sustain a large group of investigators. Sometimes, it is by attention-seeking hoaxers who do not actually believe in Bigfoot, but hope to gain something in claiming to have a documentable experience.

If it is just a figment of our imagination, many reports of sightings could easily be attributed to being various animals, particularly black bears. These are large enough, of typical color, and are able to stand and walk upright on two feet for short distances, being bipedal. As for any other animals that would represent this figure, it is hard to attribute apes or gorillas, as most of the sightings are in areas of the world where those species just do not exist.

What do YOU think Bigfoot is?

It may help to remember that anything is possible in this Universe.

Until we collectively open our minds to the idea or possibility that other entities exist beyond Earth & our dimension, we may never fully understand the Bigfoot mystery.

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