Do Bigfoot Use Infrasound?

First, let’s discuss what Infrasound is. There are ranges of sound that the human ear cannot physically detect; the infrasound vibrational waves are anything below 20Hz. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we also cannot detect ultrasound, or sounds that are over 20,000Hz (think of bat screeches or a dog whistle). Though our bodies are sensitive to these effects, we cannot detect them consciously through our auditory sense.

Bigfoot and infrasound

Infrasound waves can literally shake living organisms, especially since we as humans are composed mainly of water. It is said that a sound wave of less than 20Hz can cause dizziness, confusion, panic, nausea, and even terror as it moves through our fluid-filled body. But this frequency is actually found abundantly in nature; many animal species use infrasound to keep in touch with each other over long distances – such as whales, elephants, giraffes, alligators, rhinos and hippos.

Another set of theories suggest that infrasound is even utilized with certain species for hunting. Tigers are said to release infrasound in their roars, possibly paralyzing their prey in a way that keeps them frozen in their spot. This is where the relevancy to Bigfoots having the ability to use infrasound may prove likely. As with most Bigfoot encounter stories, there is a consistency of them emitting a deep and powerful growl.


Are these growls a type of infrasonic blast that Bigfoots are capable of?


There are multiple eyewitness accounts that claim they were the recipient of an energetic phenomenon. In one case, a biker said he reached the bottom of a hill and suddenly hit the brakes, feeling completely frozen. He felt that he “lost time” as a distorted sound filled his head…only to snap back to reality when his friends found him under a tree – pale, confused, removing his clothes. All he could remember was hearing a growl at the bottom of the hill.

In another case, a Bigfoot hunter caught a nearly identical experience on tape. He felt like he lost time, and does not remember anything from the moments of footage he recorded. He showed zero signs of distress, but eerily and casually watches himself turn and walk away from the Bigfoot, as if under mind control, and NOT of his own free will.Bigfoot and infrasound.

Is Bigfoot capable of creating infrasound to communicate, control , or possibly even hunt? If this is possible, how far away can they emit this frequency? Is it via a directional line of sight…or maybe even effective in all directions if the subject is close enough? Is this what creates a fear-based mentality toward these creatures?

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