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The Woods Helper

I am in a hurry to write something about a thing I saw in plain daylight on Friday, November 20, 2009 in rural Banks County, Georgia a short ways off of State Route 51 and about two miles north of the tiny village of Mount Pleasant, Georgia. What I saw up there in the woods

Has Bigfoot Ever Spoken to You Telepathically?

Telepathic bigfoot There have been many stories of telepathic abilities among people who have had an experience with a Bigfoot, and even among those researchers who maybe haven’t had this experience themselves. There many Bigfoot researchers and hunters that believe they have communicated with Bigfoots, in what they call “mindspeak.” This can be considered a

Do Bigfoot Use Infrasound?

First, let’s discuss what Infrasound is. There are ranges of sound that the human ear cannot physically detect; the infrasound vibrational waves are anything below 20Hz. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we also cannot detect ultrasound, or sounds that are over 20,000Hz (think of bat screeches or a dog whistle). Though our bodies