Why Bigfoot have such a Severe Effect on Some People? (5 Reasons)

Bigfoot reports indicate that many people take years and years to get over their bigfoot sighting. In fact, some of them even have terrible nightmares for weeks or months on end.

But why does witnessing a bigfoot have such a severe effect on people? Well, here are 5 reasons:


  1. Bigfoot scares people

When a person sees a bigfoot for the first time, the experience is usually not pleasant. The thing is, an unexpected bigfoot sighting does not make a person excited or amazed. Instead, it scares the hell out of him or her. The majority of people who have seen a bigfoot recount that during their encounter the creature kept looking at them, and the whole experience made them super uncomfortable. These people, due to the initial unpleasantness, find it hard to go back to the place of encounter again. If they saw the creature in a forest, for instance, they may never want to go back to that same forest. If it was hanging near their house or property, owners wanting to leave their place as soon as possible for good may even cross their mind. These folks experience a fear of being hunted or watched by someone, and it makes them restless. This makes it hard for them to forget the whole episode.   For example- Listen to this testimony:

  1. Bigfoot encounters are sudden

The typical bigfoot encounter is sudden. While some people see a bigfoot while driving on a lonely road, others see it inside the dense forest for a few seconds. Due to the suddenness of the whole thing, a bigfoot sighting leaves people speechless. This may sometimes trigger mental trauma, such as PTSD. Therefore, the impact is severe.


  1. Bigfoot is a beast

Past bigfoot sightings indicate that the creature is a stinking giant – 7 to 10 feet tall, weighing about 600 to 800 pounds, with dense black, red or brown fur with glowing eyes. In other words, bigfoot is supposed to be a beast! And, most normal people do not like beasts. So, when a person suddenly sees a bigfoot, he or she cannot fathom its very existence. The sighting, therefore, has a severe effect on him or her.


  1. Bigfoot shatters beliefs

Beliefs are very strong things, and some people have grown up believing that UFOs, ghosts and bigfoot just do not exist! When this group of people sees a bigfoot for the first time, their whole belief system gets challenged. Mentally, this is equivalent to a major life change. This takes a toll on their body and their whole system is impacted severely.


  1. Bigfoot is an urban legend

Bigfoot is something that is supposed to be able to cover 15 to 20 feet in just 2 strides! People have been hearing its stories since their childhood, but have never seen one. The whole thing is a very popular urban legend. So, when a person is made to witness that very urban legend in real life by fate, he cannot believe his eyes and senses. This makes forgetting the episode all the more difficult.

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