Bigfoot and Power Lines – What Is Really Happening?

Bigfoot is a very mysterious creature, and its stories are endless. It is like a myth, but there are also people who swear they have seen it. Many different tales are floating in the air about bigfoot. While some of them are really interesting, others are no less than laughable. One idea that has been doing rounds and rounds lately is the idea that bigfoot uses power lines for various purposes.

So what is this idea and what are the ways that bigfoot utilizes power lines? Let us find out in this short but informative post.

The first assumption is that bigfoot uses power line trails and railway tracks as its path of commute, or as its highway. The theory, while a bit absurd, has its own strengths. As power lines are laid out in such a way that obstructions are minimized on their path, bigfoot may be utilizing them to go from one place to another without putting much effort. The same goes with railway tracks. Some skeptics of this theory ask that if they use power lines, how come we never spot them? If bigfoot is really as intelligent as many people claim, it must have the capacity to easily hide in the forest whenever it hears a train approaching or something nearing a power line.

Another idea is that bigfoot utilizes power line trails to send signals to other members of its community within the area. A small number of bigfoot enthusiasts have apparently heard loud growling noise near power lines. If their claim is true, it is very much possible that the source of the noise is nothing but the giant humanoid. Even though we do not exactly know how bigfoot communicates and what it communicates, it is very likely that there is a language it uses to talk to other members. So, the idea that bigfoot uses power lines for communication does have some weight attached to it.

Another thing that is possible is that bigfoot may be taking the help of power lines in order to find food. Of course, it is true that lots of food can be found inside forests if looked properly; however, finding food inside a forest is not the easiest of tasks. It takes a lot of time and effort. But, in most places food can be found quite easily near power line trails. For instance, in a number of areas near power lines, lots of berries can be seen. Other than that, many edible shrubs are easily available along power line trails. In addition to that, deer and other animals frequently come near power lines due to the clearance.

Lastly, a very small percentage of researchers think that the energy of power lines may be responsible for the appearance of bigfoot. As in, bigfoot appears through power lines from nowhere, or from thin air! This theory is really just a guess and nothing else. However, if it happens to be the case, the idea is truly spooky!

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